Kaj Ard Söderholm was born in Kimito, an island in Southwest of Finland. Although interested in art he was not encouraged to become an artist. However, later during an 8 month trip around the world it became clear that he was going to devote his life to art.

He studied painting in the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art in the 1980s. In 1988 he was finally ready for his first private exhibition in Helsinki. This marked the beginning of his life as an artist.

Kaj spent 20 years living and exhibiting his art in an old orangery building in the outskirts of Helsinki. The setting was perfect for the artist, meaning he rarely exhibited elsewhere. He still, however, made several journeys to Latin America in the 1990s and 2000s. Faces and bodies painted in thin layers on wood depict his encounters from this time.

In the early 2000s he switched from oil painting to acrylic. Today Kaj Ard lives in Hanko where he also has his studio. His paintings have reverted back to abstracts. Structures found in nature, such as rough surfaces, lines and colors, serve as inspiration. The acrylic is often mixed with different materials to create desired textures.


The Gerlesborg School of Fine Art, Sweden 1984-1986

Active and Upcoming Exhibitions

Feb – May 2021 Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris

29.5-16.6 2021   Hera Gallery, Stockholm

Solo Exhibitions

2019    Ars Longa Gallery, Helsinki

2018    Red Conception Gallery, Helsinki

2015    Town Hall Gallery, Hanko

2014    Wohls Manor, Kirkkonummi

2011     South Gallery, Hanko

2005   Piirto Gallery, Helsinki

2002    Regina Gallery, Turku

1988    Kaivopuiston Gallery, Helsinki

Group Exhibitions

2020    Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Sipoo

2019    Wiurila Summer, Salo

2016    Artika Gallery, Helsinki

2010    Colorida Gallery, Lisbon

2009   Opera Gallery, Budapest

2008   Marsiart Gallery, Hamburg

2007  JMA Gallery, Wien

1994   Neliö Gallery, Oulu – Kapriisi Gallery, Kuopio

1990  Suomi Gallery, Stockholm

1986  EXPOHJA, Fiskars – Finland